Annexation. In accordance with adopted policies

Policy Description: 
  • The City may initiate annexation of unincorporated areas within its Future Growth Area where there are indications of urban-intensity development, and as a tool to join incorporated island and eliminate unincorporated enclaves.
  • Recognize the major lifestyle concerns of unincorporated property owners and work to minimize potential negative impacts of annexation.
  • Require annexation prior to extension of City utility services to property outside of the corporate limits unless a benefit district is authorized that details the process by which annexation and provision of adequate public facilities will occur prior to development of the property.
  • Ensure annexation agreements provide benefit to the City that might otherwise be unattainable.
Action Items:

Action 1:

Ensure that all property annexed into the City has an Olathe zoning classification in accordance with the requirements of the Unified Development Ordinance. Develop criteria to evaluate which zoning districts are applied to newly annexed property when applicants do not request a rezoning upon annexation.

Action 2:

Develop a set of criteria to evaluate the public benefits of annexation petitions and annexation agreements.

Action 3:

Review policy for City initiated annexation.

Action 4:

Review policy for use of annexation agreements.