K-150 Corridor Study (1986)


The K-150 Corridor Plan was jointly approved the Cities of Olathe, Overland Park and Leawood in 1986.


Kansas City Highway 150 (K-150) is an uninterrupted traffic route which connects Olathe, Overland Park and Leawood to the southern part of Kansas City. The K-150 Corridor Plan is a multi-jurisdictional plan that forecasts development trends along the corridor and recommends a phased roadway improvement program as development occurs. The plan recommends a consistent highway configuration and character throughout the corridor as well as a mix of land uses and intensities.

Key Conclusions

  • Design a future land use plan which considers the entire corridor as an integral development area, as well as three separate municipal jurisdictions;
  • Locate high density residential uses and nonresidential uses along K-150 and US Highway 69;
  • Transition high intensity to low intensity land uses from thoroughfares to interior of sections;
  • Utilize reverse frontage roads as access to intensive land uses along K-150 and as a separation between land uses;
  • Locate Commercial and office uses at major intersections;
  • Preserve 100 year flood plain areas as open space;
  • Coordinate land uses across city boundaries to ensure appropriate transitions along borders;
  • Assign the majority of land use as low density residential.