K-10 Corridor Study Update (2004)


The latest update to the 1991 K-10 Corridor Study was made in 2004.


The Update summarizes the major changes that have occurred within the corridor over the past ten years and provides an overview of the continued potential for development within this fast growing highway corridor. This multi-jurisdictional plan is intended as a resource supplement for all the communities within the corridor. The boundaries used for this Update are the 33 mile stretch of K-10 Highway from East Hills Business Park in Lawrence to the terminus of K-10 Highway at I-435 near the border of Lenexa and Overland Park.

Key Conclusions

  • Encourage an overall cohesive corridor-wide plan that involves all jurisdictions. Currently, there are eight separate and independent zoning jurisdictions within the Focus Area where each community has its own independent plan, enforcement and implementation mechanisms;
  • Design an overall plan that respects and secures the protection of scenic views, natural environmental resources and protected species within the corridor;
  • Enforce high quality development that is sensitive to its context to establish a positive design precedent;
  • Limit development where topographic and/ or soil characteristics make the areas unsuitable, difficult and expensive to develop.