Westview Neighborhood Action Plan (2000)


The Westview Neighborhood Action Plan was approved by City Council in 2000.


The Westview Neighborhood Action Plan is written by the neighborhood committee and facilitated by City staff. The plan’s broader objective is to maintain the quality of life for Westview residents as a comfortable and secure residential community. Action steps are identified to catalyze the planning process, encourage revitalization efforts and improve communication between residents, the housing committee and City officials.

Key Conclusions

  • Maintain historic quality of the neighborhood;
  • Provide adequate streets, sidewalks, crosswalks and lighting;
  • Promote a safe, friendly and livable neighborhood;
  • Promote single-family residential use with adequate green space;
  • Redevelop vacant commercial structures and lots;
  • Improve neighborhood access hindered by railroad;
  • Decrease rental properties and absentee landlords;
  • Decrease on-street parking;
  • Improve communication process for infrastructure improvements;
  • Enhance pedestrian movement throughout neighborhood;
  • Develop additional parks and greenways;
  • Encourage activities and improvements throughout the neighborhood that will increase the overall safety of residents;
  • Recommend improvements to reduce traffic speed, noise and congestion.