Santa Fe Streetscape Plan (2005)


The Santa Fe Streetscape Plan was approved in 2005.


An integral component of the Envision Olathe Downtown Master Plan, the Santa Fe Streetscape Plan is the first phase of the Streetscape Master Plan and Downtown Design Guidelines that recommends various improvements to enhance the image of Santa Fe Avenue from Kansas City Road to Kansas Avenue. The plan develops a phased approach for landscape improvements, gateways and pedestrian-oriented enhancements such as curb extensions at intersections, street furniture and pedestrian lighting.

Key Conclusions

  • Establish an authentic and consistent street character to enhance the perception of downtown;
  • Build upon the existing downtown character to create a unique place and enhance downtown identity;
  • Create a pedestrian oriented environment that is safe, visually pleasing, accessible and comfortable;
  • Strengthen downtown’s connections both visually and functionally;
  • Respect and preserve adjacent residential neighborhoods;
  • Encourage and accommodate the use of alternative modes of transportation to get to and from the downtown area.