Envision Olathe Downtown Plan (2003)


The Envision Olathe Downtown Plan was approved in 2003.


The goal of this master plan is to provide recommendations to help revitalize the economic and physical conditions of downtown Olathe.  The plan recommends building on existing neighborhood and business strengths, and providing improvements that enable interaction between government and office uses. The recommendations also identify the market opportunities for additional retail, office, civic and residential uses, and the type of physical and public policy improvements necessary to attract desired development.

Key Conclusions

  • Ensure downtown embraces its role as the County seat and is rejuvenated as a diverse mixed-use center consisting of a rich blend of government and professional services, support businesses, niche retail stores, housing, and cultural/ entertainment venues;
  • Encourage the community to provide an appealing pedestrian friendly landscape and streetscape environment while preserving historic tradition;
  • Create a memorable destination through authentic and diverse public places and expand the range of attractions and economic development opportunities that downtown offers;
  • Integrate downtown neighborhoods with a mix of infill housing and services for local neighbors;
  • Achieve a more unified and equitable downtown through an improved transportation system that minimizes barriers;
  • Create a hard-surfaced urban plaza on the block where the post office is currently located;
  • Acquire the Mill Creek Center for community or recreational facilities and programs if the School District determines that it no longer needs this facility;
  • Develop a hotel that has some meeting space to accommodate smaller meetings and conferences;
  • Develop Structured Parking on the southeast corner of Santa Fe and Kansas Avenue;
  • Develop City office expansion building on the northeast block of Santa Fe and Kansas Avenue;
  • Build three blocks of mixed use development fronting Santa Fe;
  • Relocate library onto Park Avenue and replace with retail;
  • Develop a parking structure and office building on the corner of Kansas and Park Avenue;
  • Remove office building in front of Johnson County administration building and replace with a formal courtyard;
  • Provide pedestrian improvements on Santa Fe Street;
  • Create grade separation for the BNSF railroad;
  • Improve transit shelters, furnishings, signage and way finding;
  • Provide additional parking;
  • Create new trails to provide better connections to and between existing trails;
  • Provide regional gateways at I-35 and Santa Fe, Santa Fe and K-7, Whitney Street and Northgate Parkway, E. Dennis Ave and S. Harrison Street.