Central Core Neighborhood Action Plan (2003)


The Central Core Neighborhood Action Plan was approved by City Council in 2003.


The Central Core Neighborhood Action Plan was written by the Central Core Neighborhood Committee, with staff support from the Olathe Development Services Department. The purpose of the Neighborhood Action Plan is to encourage continued revitalization efforts, provide insight and guidance to the City Council and other city staff, and improve communication between neighborhood residents, business owners, city staff and officials.

Key Conclusions

  • Develop cultural and entertainment attractions;
  • Provide lit walking paths;
  • Create an architecturally-themed streetscape;
  • Provide commuter rail on railroads, not freight;
  • Encourage additional small businesses to serve the neighborhood;
  • Preserve historically significant buildings;
  • Balance business, residential and governmental land uses;
  • Remove and keep industrial land uses out;
  • Develop and implement historically themed streetscape;
  • Encourage all new development to include structured parking;
  • Encourage the City to implement Neighborhood Revitalization Act;
  • Maintain existing parking footprints;
  • Develop vacant land with residential, green space and office uses.