Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update (2006)


The latest update to the Parks and Recreation Master Plan was approved by City Council in 2006.


The Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update focuses on existing and future needs of the Parks and Recreation Department as it applies to land, recreation facilities and program needs to create a more balanced Parks and Recreation System. The plan presents a ten year strategy wherein the majority of the initiatives will be completed in the first five years.  However as a living document, the plan requires annual updates as well as additions to meet the communities’ evolving vision and needs for parks and recreation in Olathe. The development of the Master Plan was performed in close coordination with the Park and Recreation Staff, Park Foundation, the City Manager’s Staff, and the City Council.

Key Conclusions

  • To be a best-in-class Parks and Recreation provider by creating a balance of parks, recreation facilities and programs that create community pride, unity and supports the economic and livability goals of the City;
  • Identify and develop core businesses of the parks system that serve all age segments and create a lifetime user;
  • Create and implement as many funding sources as possible to manage and maintain a quality park and recreation system;
  • Develop an indoor recreation and aquatic center at the 75,000 sq ft level minimum and include space for indoor aquatics, Broaden the program offerings in the system to support wider age segments particularly for youth, teens, seniors, family related programs and special events;
  • Increase maintenance standards in parks;
  • Implement new funding sources and seek to find a dedicated funding source from the General Fund for operations of the system to keep the quality of services;
  • Create additional signature parks in the City similar to Stagecoach Park;
  • Continue to build trail networks;
  • Update Black Bob Pool Complex to meet facility needs over the next 30 years;
  • Continue to add sports fields to support the youth and growth in the City;
  • Continue to add park land to the system for neighborhood and community parks by increasing the park excise tax to both acquire land and develop parks;
  • Enhance older parks in the City to increase the value of living in older neighborhoods;
  • Locate neighborhood parks (3-15 acres) within a half mile radius of residential neighborhoods and within close proximity to multi-family complexes and schools;
  • Locate community parks (15-200 acres) within a one mile radius of residential neighborhoods and light business or manufacturing districts;
  • Locate regional parks (200+ acres) within or adjacent to an urban community, ideally in areas of varied topography with diverse environmental qualities;
  • Make park improvements at the 10 million dollar level at Lone Elm, Black Bob, Prairie Center and Oregon Trail, Cedar Lake and Lake Olathe.  Complete the Development of Stagecoach Park;
  • Utilize Mill Creek Center as a performing Arts/ Cultural Center.