Balanced Scorecard (2008)


Olathe’s Organizational Balanced Scorecard was initially developed in 2004. The 2009 Annual Performance Report was presented the City Council in April 2009.


The Organizational Balanced Scorecard is intended to help manage progress toward strategic targets, promote continuous improvement in efficiency, and provide better service delivery and value for tax dollars invested. At the heart of the Organizational Scorecard is the City’s vision to “set the Standard for Excellence in Public Service.” To further clarify the City’s vision, eight “Key Result Areas” were identified.  These Key Results Areas are Transportation, Public Safety, Downtown, Economic Sustainability, Active Lifestyles, Public Services, Diversity, and Service Delivery Support.

Key Conclusions

Despites cuts in expenditures and personnel in 2009, citizen satisfaction with City services continued to improve. Targets were met or exceeded in 11 of 12 measured indicators.