Establish and maintain a balanced multi-modal transportation system that provides effective, efficient, and safe mobility for residents.

  • Transportation choices reduce the number of vehicle trips, overall miles traveled, and traffic congestion.
  • Improves public health.
  • Reduces air pollution.
  • Provides travel options for residents and visitors.

In order to achieve the Community Vision and to allow Olathe to sustain its economic position in the region, it must be accessible to people of all ages and abilities through a variety of transportation modes. By fostering the development of an effective multi-modal transportation system, Olathe will provide greater opportunities for residents and visitors to move throughout the community, while sustaining the small town atmosphere that gives the City its identity. Such a transportation system will have a positive effect on the character of the City and will provide increased connectivity between Olathe and the surrounding region.

PlanOlathe recommends land use patterns that support an efficient roadway system complemented by effective transit, bicycle and pedestrian connections. Through the implementation of this Plan, the City should continue to maintain the integrity of its existing transportation infrastructure by minimizing unnecessary automobile travel, and providing opportunities for transit connections and non-motorized travel to and from major destinations in Olathe and the surrounding region.

Guiding Principles

Provide an efficient, safe, and cost effective roadway network that will meet the City's mobility needs in a manner compatible with fiscal and environmental constraints.

Principle M-2: Purposefully integrate transportation and land use decisions to be mutually supportive.

Provide a transportation system that integrates multiple modes of travel.