Cultural Resources and Landmarks


Preserve Olathe’s historic sites and buildings, and foster a culturally vibrant and diverse community.

  • Educates the public about the community’s rich history since cultural resources most clearly reflect the community’s evolution, history, and diversity.
  • Adjacent property owners and the community benefit economically from the unique cultural amenities.

Cultural resources and landmarks are intended to provide the community with educational amenities that facilitate opportunities for citizens to share experiences and celebrate a common identity, heritage and tradition. Principles should promote a sense of belonging to the City that strives to protect and preserve its cultural legacy and maintain its unique sense of place.

Guiding Principles

Promote opportunities for artistic and cultural expression. Support cultural amenities as a contributor to economic health and as a reflection of the importance of the arts and our heritage.

Support historic preservation efforts throughout the city.

Ensure that urban design standards and guidelines will promote community identity, sustainability, and civic pride.