Goals of the Plan

Olathe will continue to grow in population, employment, and land area.  How it will grow should be the result of a thoughtful analysis of the choices and consequences. The decisions made on where and how growth occurs and what the growth looks like will affect the long-term quality of life and prosperity of our City.

A great deal of thorough, thoughtful work went into creating the existing Comprehensive Plan, which was originally adopted in 1997. Through this careful planning, Olathe has successfully accomplished several goals outlined in the existing comprehensive plan:

  • Attract high quality growth, becoming more economically diverse,and achieve a balance of all types of land uses;
  • Obtain sufficient revenues to support important community services;
  • Obtain an efficient transportation network, excellent educational and recreational facilities, quality shopping and employment opportunities, and a variety of housing options;
  • Encourage aesthetically pleasing development and redevelopment throughout the community; and
  • Set forth a vision for a future that is progressive, aggressive, and upscale.

Today, Olathe continues its evolution through creation of a new comprehensive plan, known as PlanOlathe.

Over a decade ago, Olathe embraced the concepts of quality development. The community is now focusing on becoming one of the top tier communities in the nation. In order to achieve this, PlanOlathe focuses on a number of key items:

  • The creation of a community-driven vision;
  • Review of existing policies and tools to analyze their effectiveness towards achieving this vision;
  • Looking ahead for new opportunities;
  • Revisiting the past to identify areas that need improvement;
  • Creating a refined future land use plan that identifies the short- and long-term desires of the community;
  • Analyzing the economic framework of the City and the region, and establishing an understanding of how these economic forces influence land use decisions; and
  • Creating an implementation plan that includes both physical and policy recommendations to support the update.

PlanOlathe applies the community’s shared values and goals, establishing planning policies to guide Olathe’s decision-makers.