Economic Sustainability


Maintain fiscal health by being a competitive economic force.

  • Promotes long-term economic stability.
  • Increases self-sufficiency.
  • Diversifies the economy.
  • Strengthens existing commercial areas.
  • Ensures long-term fiscal health.
  • Allows City to continue providing quality services.
  • Increases local opportunities for quality employment.

Economic sustainability and development plays a vital role in improving the quality of life of the community. Olathe will foster economic development opportunities that encourage private investment within the community, provide employment that offers quality jobs, provide primary employment, and improve the quality of life for Olatheans. Olathe recognizes that a healthy local economy is vital to the community’s ability to provide a highly desirable quality of life, and high levels of services and amenities. The City seeks to ensure that current needs are met without compromising the ability of future citizens to meet their needs.

Guiding Principles

Utilize Olathe’s strengths, including a highly educated population, affordability, recreation opportunities, business and family-friendly environment, and other quality of life amenities as a tool to attract quality jobs and position Olathe as a regional economic leader.

Achieve a balanced mix of commercial and residential development to promote fiscal sustainability and ensure that tax revenues are sufficient to support public services provided to the citizens of Olathe.

Strengthen and revitalize existing commercial centers.

Employment Areas as Districts.  Develop distinct employment districts to ensure Olathe’s strong and diversified economy.